A la Carte

spelt /ɑː lɑː ˈkɑːt; in French means selecting what you want from a list of items according to the menu. In this application you can chose from 10 different events across 6 different countries and from 86 age groups, and visualize the data in three independent columns of a webpage.

How to Use

Using A la Carte is easy and simple, the page has three vertical sections and each section has independent controls to choose the "Population Year" ,"State or Country" and an event from a list of 10 different events, when you select an event the charts highlight the population that remember the particular event.
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Elections in India 2014
Farmer Year Australia 2012- Year declared as year for farmers, more of government resources towards agriculture
World War II Japan 1945
9/11 Disaster United States 2001
Wiki Leaks Diamonds of Zimbabwe 2008- Marange Diamonds smuggled by corrupt government officials
Rio Olympics Brazil 2016
North American Winter Storm 2014
Obama Care 2010
Candy Crush Saga 2013
Economic Obsession US 2011

Topping: You can group or degroup the population according to age ranges "0-10","10-20" etc


Step 1: Download the code as zip from GitHub

Step 2: Download appropriate version of Brackets and install

Brackets is an open source code editor and NOT a malware

Step 3: Extract the Zip file downloaded from GitHub

Step 4: Right click on the extracted folder and selct Open as Brackets Project

Step 5: In the Brackets editor click on the Live Preview button on the top right

Step 6: Play Around

Data Used

United States Age Wise & Year Wise Population Data
Australia,India,Brazil,Japan & Zimbabwe Age Wise & Year Wise Population Data

The data used is NOT RAW data obtained from the sources mentioned. The data fields that were used for the application consists of State Name:"Alabama, Alaska, etc" Age:"0,1,2,3...,85" and Population in the years 2010 to 2014 against the ages. Other data like "Sex","Region",etc are discarded.

Key Findings

The combinations and comparisions of data and events across countries could spawn a good number of interesting results. Notable findings include

Influence of Obama Care on the populations in the years 2012-2014
Candy Crush Saga becoming the most played game in the US
World War II being responsible for the lower populations in age groups 70-90 in the year 2010
Increase in people attaining right to vote in 2014 for the elections in India
North American Winter Storm increased the number of births in August 2015
Population that remembers 9/11
Influence of Economic Obsession in US-2011 on the birth rates in future years