Events Around You

Simple application to know which events are most happening in your surroundings (1 mile radius), a piechart shows the distribution of different categories of events and a bar chart shows how they are distributed over the months of a year.

How to Use

Using Events Around You is simple you start by entering your address or zip. You will be presented with a distributrion of events with in 3 miles from your location. Once you have a Pie Chart with categories click on any category on the pie chart and you can see the spread of events belongiong to a particular category over the months. You can also hover over the individual bar to see the actual number of events.
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Data Used

The Eventbrite API gives you the necessary data when you register with Eventbrite as a developer.This application uses the data provided by the Eventbrite API.


- We can use this information to analyze what events are most happening around in the location
- The time of the month that particular category of events mostly happen
- Government authorities can estimate the crowd during particular month to provide services and maintain traffic.
- Advantage for Ubers and Lyfts to increase the availability of cars during particular months.